Chicken Leg Quarter

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We are wholesale suppliers, bulk exporters of Chicken Leg Quarter. Our Chicken Leg Quarter is of HALAL and our advanced production facilities are ISO certified. With our current discount of 30%, our product has the best prices in the market.
Update! *OEM custom labeling and customer preferred packing is now available.
  • Packaging:
  • Vacuum Packing
  • Packing Specifications:
  • 5 X 2 Kilograms / Carton (10 Kilograms)
  • 6 X 2 Kilograms / Carton (12 Kilograms)
  • 12 X 1 Kilograms / Carton (12 Kilograms)
  • 10 X 1 Kilograms / Carton (10 Kilograms)
  • *Packing/Customer Preferred Labeling is Accepted.


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